Even though we have snow on the ground today, spring is just around the corner!  As you are preparing to get your home ready to sell you might be wondering about your curb appeal and landscaping. As a Realtor, in Texas, I get asked this question a lot, "With the drought situation, how can I add to the curb appeal of my home?"  Great question!  In the last few months we have all become more and more water wise and yet we know the importance of curb appeal and "first impressions".  I tell all of my clients these five things: 

1.  Make sure your front door is clean and add fresh coat of paint or stain if necessary.  If you have a glass front door make sure it is clean and free of fingerprints.  Also, sweep off leaves, knock down spider webs or wasp nests around the front door.  Most of us rarely use our front door (we go through the garage), so just make sure it's a clean as possible. 

2.  Add a new "Welcome" mat.  It's an inexpensive purchase but one that will keep things looking fresh.  

3.  Trim your trees and hedges.  If your trees or hedges are touching the home, now's the time to trim them up. 

4.  Clean out your flower beds and add mulch.  Although we can't add a lot of new shurbs or flowers because of the drought, we can add a pop of color with mulch. Red or black mulch are a good choices, depending on the color of your home. 

5.  Clean the windows.  Not one of our favorite chores but it will make a big difference.  

By just doing these five simple things, you will add immediate appeal to your home.  Remember, first impressions matter! 

Mark your calendar for February 22-23, 2014 Arts Alive! Home and Garden Festival/Wichita Falls Master Gardeners Association.  One of the topics that will be discussed is  "Rain Harvesting", which is important to help us maintian the landscaping we already have.  Click here for more information.